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Hi there! I'm glad you came and I hope you enjoy some of my photography favorites and recent sessions. I specialize in photographing kids, families, seniors and headshots for businesses. Sarah Heller Photography, LLC serves the North Central Kansas area including but not limited to Lincoln, Sylvan Grove, Lucas, Wilson, Downs and Beloit. Fill out the contact form to schedule a session.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little man...Central Kansas Baby Photographer

I have several of my Grandpa's things and I thought it would be super cool to get it together in a shot with my little guy. So, I worked on an outfit...had a newsboy hat (that he and made some suspenders and a bow-tie (thanks Pinterest). The first time around it was cold and windy and he wasn't digging our shoot and his shirt wouldn't stay tucked in. So, to remedy the shirt I took an old onesie and cut it off around the waist and sewed it to the bottom of the button-up shirt and TA-DA...a button-up onesie. Then a few days later we went out again and I took Daddy this time to help and got some more shots where he was a little more happy (the beautiful evening may have helped too). Hope you enjoy:)
Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tornado Twins...7 days new...Kansas Newborn Photographer

One stormy night, these two babies made their way into the world and are as perfect and sweet as can be! What a blessing they are and a sweet addition to this wonderful family! Mom was a bit sleep deprived on the day of our shoot since the babies decided to have a party all of the night before, but she assures me that life with multiples is improving and I pray that they are good to her (and her husband). I've only had one newborn at a time and I cannot imagine how much energy and patience it would take to feed, diaper, and soothe two babies at the middle of the night:) However, while I was there, they were very sweet, quiet, and sleepy:) Warning...sweetness overload ahead!
Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So little, but loved alot!...9 days old... Kansas Newborn Photographer

Once you become a parent, I think it becomes so much clearer why our parents spend so much time worrying about our well-being. And I say spend, instead of spent because it doesn't end once you leave home. You care and love for your baby SO much that you would do anything to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. I saw that love between a Mom and a Grandma for this sweet baby girl. You could feel the joy and excitement to have her here and I'm so glad I got to be apart of that. This sweet little girl was just perfect and so graceful with her hands...I loved that:)
Happy Mother's Day (a little early)...this one makes me smile every time:)
Thanks for looking:)