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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The B kids...morning light...Central Kansas Child Photographer

I just love the morning light, the only problem is that it comes so early, especially this time of year and it is hard to get everyone ready before it gets too harsh. The heat these days is just unbearable for the kids (ok, maybe I'm thinking about the photographer too:)) But, lets face it, if everyone is red-faced and sweaty it doesn't work very well for beautiful gleaming portraits so I was so excited to get the chance to photograph these kids in that sweet morning light. I thought I would come a little early just so I would be ready when they were, but they beat me and were waiting on me...come on photographer!:) I actually underestimated the time it took to get to their place. But, it all workd out. They have such a beautiful place, and I'm always excited to photograph in different areas for variety. Did I mention that it is SO hot and SO dry in our part of the world right now? Well, it is and with that the pastures and lawns are suffering. I was glad they had some green in their pasture and we also visited their historic homestead for some beautiful shots around the barn and buildings. Thanks again for such a refreshing morning!
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