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Monday, February 2, 2015

BRRR...Monday Moment

The weather can swing from unseasonably warm to frigid within a few days in Kansas. For example, Wednesday, January 28th we had a high of  72 F compared to Sunday, February 1st with a daytime high of 15 F and 30 mile/hour winds...BRRR!! It was snowing and blowing and it was beautiful (if you weren't outside in it! HA). I decided to brave the weather for a few minutes and go and find the horses. Well, my husband was two (or more) steps ahead of me with that idea and so they came up to eat before I really had a chance to get very far. And, I think I'm glad I didn't get very far because I was regretting my idea about 5 minutes into it. I know, I know, what a wimp! I'll own it. Here are a few shots from a burr-chilly day in Kansas!

From the comfort of my window:)

Glad to be facing the south with the wind at my back!

My very own mountain man! Thanks for giving me the job of household chores:)

Good thing they have thick hide and lots of fur! BRRR!

Thanks for looking:)


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