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Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Camera Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer...Tutorial Thursday

School is almost out for the summer for my kids and I don't know about you, but I'm excited to have them around more but also thinking I need to be prepared with activities for them. I have a few ideas that involve a camera. It doesn't have to be a fancy camera. In fact, if you only own a fancy camera, you might want to invest in a "play" camera for the kids. You have to be willing to let them use it and hold it. I recommend setting up a folder on your computer to download their images so that you can select the best for printing and use. It is also a fun way to see their progress.

This is a super fun activity to get outside and out in nature with your kids and with a purpose. Go out together and take turns with one camera or take two cameras and compare your images when you get back. It is fun to see the different perspectives. Print your favorites and put them in an album or hang the best in their room.

This one is especially popular at my house since I'm asking for their help a lot with different set-ups, lighting and locations. But, this time let the kids be in charge. You can take turns being the photographer and being the model. Let them dress up and choose the spots and the poses. The results are always a scream:)

Turn the macro button on your camera (it is the flower symbol). If you don't know how, find the manual for your camera and search for the macro settings. Or, use a macro lens if you are a DSLR owner. Go around the yard taking pictures of flowers, bugs, interesting textures or whatever catches your kiddos eye.

Open a whole new world with underwater photography. You can get a Fujifilm Underwater Film Disposable Camera from for a little over $9. Or, if you want a digital option, you can get a GoPro HEROfor $130 on Amazon.  Fun in the water, plus fun with cameras!! A WIN, WIN!
Images by the talented Kim Bear of  The Wild Child Photography

Let your kids take lots of pictures throughout the year and summer and keep a folder for them on the computer. When it gets close to fair time, sit down with them and pick out their favorite keepers to print and exhibit at the fair. If you are in 4-H, your child will get a chance to sit one on one with the judge and hear some great information on what they did well and what they can improve upon next time. If you are not in 4-H, enter them in Open Class! It is great to participate in your county fair and they will receive a ribbon for their efforts!

Get your kids shooting and having fun with photography! And, be sure to PRINT lots of images for them to keep...that is the best part of it all!

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