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Hi there! I'm glad you came and I hope you enjoy some of my photography favorites and recent sessions. I specialize in photographing kids, families, seniors and headshots for businesses. Sarah Heller Photography, LLC serves the North Central Kansas area including but not limited to Lincoln, Sylvan Grove, Lucas, Wilson, Downs and Beloit. Fill out the contact form to schedule a session.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is this big enough?...Tutorial Thursday

Let's talk a little about print size. We all know that bigger is more beautiful:) Ok, maybe I just made that up but seriously when I enlarge my own prints larger than an 11x14, it just makes a statement on the wall!

So, you know you want your prints to use the wall space you dedicate to them but perhaps you are still struggling to determine the correct size of image for your particular space. A bathroom may not be able to hold a 20x30 and a large open wall may look a little silly with only an 8x10. Well, I'm here to help! I am happy to come to your home and help you design your walls. Or, you can send me a picture of your space and I can help you that way too. But, for now, we'll talk online some more. So, depending on the size of the space you are planning to hang your image(s), you will want to use that information to determine the ideal size. You also want to think about whether or not you are hanging a print to be framed (adds inches) or you are hanging gallery wrapped canvas without a frame.

First, let's talk about gallery wrapped canvases. I just love the look and feel of them personally. They are definitely a favorite of mine. They are simple, gorgeous and look great as a single or in a group (more on that soon). I love the texture to the canvas as well! If you decide to go with a single gallery wrapped canvas, I would make it larger than a normal print. They don't have the added inches of a frame and so you can fill the space more with the image. Here is an example of a nursery with an 24x36 canvas versus an 8x10 hung above the crib. Which one feels right to you?

Now let's look at a few sizes with frames. I think a 24x36 framed in this space might be a little overwhelming, so I chose to go with a 20x30 framed.

And, here is an 8x10 framed for comparison in the same space. It is cute, but seems a little...well, small for this particular wall.

So, you might be thinking. "Sure, this is all well and good but my walls don't look like that and how am I to use this information to help me in my own home?"

I was hoping you would say that, because I am here to help! I offer in-home consultations with my sessions and I bring a handy dandy tool, a measuring tape, and some samples of actual prints and canvases to give you an idea of what a 20x30 sized gallery wrapped canvas versus an 8x10 would look like on your wall. And, if you prefer frames, I bring color samples so we can check them out with the colors in your home. Whether you are wanting a splash of color or a beautiful neutral to accentuate your images, there are many colors from which to choose.

It is almost spring! It is a great time to freshen up the walls in your home! Take a look around your home and be thinking of the walls you want to fill and contact me today to schedule your spring session!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Love...Monday Moment

When you think of February, Valentine's Day might come to mind and then that might lead you to the topic of LOVE. Awe, the topic of love! Let me share with you a few of my loves, apart from the obvious God, husband, kids, parents, family and friends.

I love peace and quiet and the smell of coffee (coffee breath not as much:)).
I love being caught up with my household chores.
I love watching movies with my kids on the couch.
I love the little moments I get with my kids one-on-one at bed time.
I love crossing things off my list (I'm a big list that from my Dad:)).
I love Spring (hurry up!).
I love all the baby animals in the spring.
I love the feeling after a good workout or run (not so much the I'm dying feeling in the middle).
I love to laugh and watch comedy (I about rolled out my chair the other night laughing at the movie Tommy Boy...I'm sure that dates me for the younger generation:)).
And, last but NOT least, I love sharing special moments with others through my photography! The families I photograph make this job such a joy! THANK YOU:)

What are some of your loves? I hope you continue to find LOVE all around you throughout the year, whether you are single or married, and not just on Valentine's Day!

I will leave you with a short verse and a little video I made on Valentine's Day:)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Thanks for looking:)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mr. B...North Central Kansas Photographer

This little guy is getting so big! Click here to flashback to his newborn session.:) My how they grow up so fast! He has the best eyelashes and such a dreamy gaze...he's going to be heart-breaker, I'm sure! We did some pictures in the studio and then ventured outside near sunset for a few in the grass. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from our session!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Mr. J...North Central Kansas Child Photographer

My last session of 2014 was with this little cutie! It is hard to believe that he is a big one year old now! We celebrated his one year milestone session with some cake, which required a little cleaning up afterwards so he got to play for a second in a little bath:) I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!

I am scheduling sessions for spring and summer, please contact me today to schedule your session:)    Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The T Family...Kansas Family Photographer

What a fun family! I really enjoyed getting to know them:) I am sure that their daughter is going to be a wonderful big sister...what a little sweetheart! It was a little chilly and a touch cloudy on the evening of our session in December but they were troopers. We ventured into my favorite pasture on the farm and I'm hoping to shoot up there some more this year! I hope you enjoy a few my favorites!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The S Family...Kansas Family Photographer

What a lovely family! I really enjoyed photographing these guys and the kids did such a great job:) I just loved this session and I thought Mom did such a great job on the outfits. They all coordinated with earthy tones with the green being the main emphasis.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

The B kids...North Central Kansas Photographer

The sweet, sweet B kids! Little R turned ONE in December and I have really enjoyed watching him grow:) If you want to flash back to his newborn session, click here:) We had a fun time in the studio and ended the session with a fantastic cake smash!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The S Family...North Central Kansas Family Photographer

What a fun family session. We bounced around the big town of Hunter and got some great images! These boys are busy little fellas so they kept me on my toes:) It is always a game for me to see if I can stay one step ahead of little ones. I keep a bag of tricks and kids are always curious what all might be in there. Be prepared to play, love, and laugh during our sessions!:) I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites.

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