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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tutorial Thursday...What to Wear

Oh, what to wear, what to wear???? Outfits can really elevate a photo from looking more like a snapshot to a photo that belongs on the wall...BIG.  So, today we are going to break it down to the basics on what to wear for your next photo session.

First, I want to discuss babies. I believe that a lot of times less is more for babies (newborn-9 months). Babies have the softest skin and the cutest little wrinkles and folds and they photograph wonderfully semi-naked or naked and posed in a way that does not reveal their privates:) The older the baby gets, the easier they can handle a full outfit and not look like they are being swallowed. That said, of course, an outfit here or there is fine too but it has to fit well and not be the least bit large on them. I love handmade knitted hats, pants, diaper covers and wraps. Dainty hair pieces look adorable on little girls. There are so many possibilities but try to keep it simple so the image is still about the baby.

Here are a few of my favorite places for baby shopping:

Cotton Bottom Baby (cute cloth diapers!)
Simply Baby and More

Goodnight Mouse
Just Josie
Pipers Posies
Moonlight Little Knits
Baby Bloomz Boutique

Next, let's move on to individuals and groups. Here are five things to think about: personality, color, layers, texture, and accessories.

Does the child's personality suggest loud colors or soft and gentle tones? For example, if the child is more introspective and shy, perhaps soft and muted colors, ruffles, and/or lighter fabric will fit them best. If the child is very outgoing with a larger than life personality, perhaps bolder colors and an outfit with more texture, denim, and boots is appropriate. Also think about the location you are going to be in and decide what feeling you want conveyed...soft and gentle? or loud and exciting! In the dead of winter when everything is brown, I like to add more color.

For an individual color is a little easier. You can pick a piece of the outfit whether it is a shirt, skirt, or dress with a print and layer with another solid piece. I like to get several options and piece it together on my bed or floor. You'd be surprised sometimes what looks good together. Try it on too! Fit matters:) I like to play with this color wheel to see possible color combinations . I also like to look on Pinterest and get "What to Wear" inspiration there. I have some ideas started on my board: . For a family, pick a few colors and pull from that solids and prints on each member of the family to create a cohesive blend. I usually like to keep the simpler outfits for the parents and let the kids have the more trendy and unique with more color and pattern. Another thing to keep in mind are the colors in your house and, in particular, the space you will hang the pictures. For example, my walls are all white (I didn't want any more decisions to make while we were me crazy, but that is the way it was:)), so I decorated with color everywhere else including the portraits on the wall.

Layers help to create dimension and interest in the outfit(s). This can mean a vest for boys, a shirt under a button up shirt or sweater, a scarf for girls, or a cute little jacket over a shirt. You can pair leggings with a skirt and/or put sweater socks sticking out the top of a pair of boots. For families, some outfits can be more simple than others to show variation and balance.

Try to incorporate different textures into your clothing. I recommend chunky knits, embroidery, denim, buttons, lace and/or ruffles. Texture and layers look great in photographs!

Don't forget to add those accessories into your outfit too! Hats, scarves, jewelry, belts, and cute boots or dainty flats, etc. Accessories can really finish up a nice look!

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for kids and adults:

Consignment shops
Sweet Repeats Consignment Sale
Old Navy

Persnickety Clothing
Vindie Baby
Ruche-  women's
Anthropologie- women's

I hope this was helpful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Please share with a friend and click the Join button below so you don't miss out on new posts!


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